Planet Earth, Be My Valentine

Dear Humankind,

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love, Planet Earth

What will you get this Valentine’s Day? Flowers? Chocolates? Perhaps you’ll be able to spend time with someone close to you. A romantic sunset meal or stroll through a beautiful park?

Maybe you are one of many who feel resentful about all the “love in the air” on February the 14th. Perhaps you celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’ instead by spending time with the galls. Or the men’s equivalent: ‘Malentine’s Day’… is this getting a little out of hand?

Here at Climate Action Preston we’d like to suggest an alternative. By all means share the love with your nearest and dearest (although we think it’s important to do this every day of the year), but perhaps this year you could consider where all those romantic gifts and experiences we mentioned actually come from. Those flowers? The ingredients for that box of chocolates? The sunset? The park? Mother Nature is responsible for all of it.

The planet shows us a lot of love. Unfortunately, it’s a bit unrequited. How often do we stop to consider what nature provides for us? And how often do we stop to consider what we should be giving back to nature?

Humankind has been exploiting Planet Earth. Our species have been the abusive and neglectful partner. This doesn’t apply across the board, some humans have made it their goal to love and celebrate our wonderful planet and some humans haven’t the means to make much of a difference either way. But some humans, the ones with vast wealth and influence, have caused unimaginable harm.

Now we’re facing the consequences. Flooding, fires, droughts, rising seas, deadly air, animals disappearing forever… Our planet is trying to tell us something. She’s doing her best to support us, provide for us and fill our home with beauty but she’s beginning to struggle. Soon global temperatures will have risen to the point where the crops we grow for food can’t survive. And that’s just one of the likely consequences of climate change.

So here’s our proposal for this Valentine’s Day. Ditch the consumerism. Instead:

  1. Take a moment to really look at what the planet has given you. Take the time to appreciate the natural world all around you today and feel the love.
  2. Consider what you could do to reciprocate. Write to your MP to ask how they are tackling climate change, sign a petition, do a bit of your own research on the issues. Have a go at taking the bus, cooking a vegetarian meal or look into switching to a renewable energy provider for your home. There’s even a Climate Strike event on Valentine’s Day which anyone can come to. There’s so much you can do to love the planet you call home. Just pick one thing to get started.
  3. Get in touch and tell us what you did to love the planet. You can tweet your love story and tag us @PrestonAction, comment on this blog post or email us at to share how you showed you care.

We’re really looking forward to hearing your stories.

With love,

Climate Action Preston, on behalf of Planet Earth