Little #GreenHeart ideas for Earth Day 2020

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We’ll be displaying green hearts in our windows next to our key worker rainbows to show that we want a cleaner, greener future. You can join in with a simple heart cut out of green paper, or get more creative. We’ll be sharing some ideas for crafts in this blog, as well as other resources for families to get involved in campaigning from home this week.

How to make spotty hearts with younger children

(ages 1-5)

1) Fingerprint Heart

Using different shades of green paint or ink, add lots of fingerprints to your heart shape. Lovely messy fun!

Top Tip: have a clean damp cloth ready to wipe little green fingers or you’ll have spotty green sofas too!

2) Cotton bud heart

Dip a cotton bud into green paint. Cover your heart shape in dotty spotty splodges!

3) Sparkly heart

Use some craft glue to stick lots of green sequins to your heart shape and make your window twinkle.

4) Bubble wrap heart

Paint an old bit of bubble wrap green. While the paint is still wet, press it gently onto your paper. Now cut out a lovely bubbly heart.

5) Hole punch heart

Use a hole punch to make lots of little circles using scraps of green paper. Glue them onto your whole holey-heart.

Pop your creations in your windows, take a photo and upload it to social media. Use the hashtags #EarthDay2020 and #GreenHeart. Don’t forget to tag us @PrestonAction and the Climate Coalition @TheCCoalition.