The Climate Election, Post 5 of 5: Brexit Party

The Brexit Party have chosen not to release a manifesto. Their website has a policies section but climate change is not mentioned even in passing. In fact, a search of their website reveals the word “climate” only comes up once in a brief paragraph about one of their MEPs.

The only things relevant to climate change that I could find were under their investment policy section:

The Brexit Party is developing policies in a number of areas that can only be implemented via a Clean-Break Brexit: investing in and supporting key public services, protecting the environment and growing recycling initiatives, and other targeted investments in fishing and strategic industries.

Invest in Fishing and Coastal Communities: with a Clean-Break Brexit we recover full control of our waters, a huge opportunity to regenerate our coastal communities with new investment, jobs and tourism. The Boris EU treaty does NOT return control of our territorial waters.

Invest in the Environment and Recycling: we need to plant tens of millions of trees and ensure we recycle our waste in this country and not export it across the world to be burnt.

profile photo of Rob Sherratt
Rob Sherratt is the Brexit Party candidate for Preston

So what would a vote for The Brexit Party look like in Preston? Well Preston is a “safe Labour seat” so it’s very unlikely that The Brexit Party will overtake them, but votes for any party are still counted and added to statistics at both the local and national level. So a vote for The Brexit Party would send a message to whoever is elected that you support Brexit Party policies.

Please Note

Climate Action Preston is an apolitical group. We don’t favour any one political party over another. That’s why I’ll be looking in the same way at all the available manifestos of the parties represented by Preston candidates over the next couple of weeks. I’m not going to tell you how to vote because that has to be an individual decision, but please consider the climate when you do vote. That could mean deciding on your candidate, and then emailing/tweeting them to say something like this:

“I think I want to vote for you on the 12th December, but first I want to know what you intend to do about climate change if you are elected to represent me.”

If you do tweet, we’d love to be tagged: @PrestonAction #PrestonClimateElection